Gear Machining Services

Many kinds of gears such as worms, worm wheels and bevel gears can be machined by milling. Cutter profile usually needs to be tailored as per the specific gear wheels, which requires the perfect match of the tooth gap’s size and shape with the cutter. The most common standard for gear classification is ISO 1328 in which the gear is classified to 11 levels according to the requirement for tolerance.

Junying is committed to milling gears for years and hence has accumulated rich experience. With high tech CNC gear milling machines, CAM software and skilled operators, Junying can machine varied gears and reach different gear levels per your requirement. In Junying, the minimum run-out, the clean contact surfaces and the high-quality cutters are applied to ensure good gear quality.

Equipped with the advanced gear milling machines, Junying provides you with a range of gears from helical gears, spur gears, coarse pitch gears to special tooth parts with high precision level of ISO 9001.