Threading & Tapping

Tap and Thread

The tap is a tool for creating internal threads in holes. You can tap or thread holes or protrusions in your part. For example, you might tap a hole for a bolt or thread a protrusion to mate with another part.

To tap holes or thread protrusions:

  1. Select a circle.
  2. Choose Line | Machine | Thread.
  3. Thread system – Inch/Metric/Taper – select one or click User defined (see below).
  4. Thread settings grid – choose the desired thread from the Size column to match the intended screw or nut.
  5. Threads are right hand by default. Use Comments to Machinist to specify Left Hand.
  6. Set the thread length in the toolbar Z control. The maximum thread length is slightly less than the drill depth. Enter the length of fully formed threads (measured from the “near” edge) or check Maximum.
  7. To also thread from the opposite view (e.g. both ends of a rod or hole), select the opposite view and apply the thread feature again.