Junying is looking for CNC Turning Center and HMC/VMC Setup people with excellent experience. This is a tremendous opportunity for those people that are self-starters and have a sincere desire to make the most of their abilities, improve their lives and their futures. Our 2 year old building is very clean, climate controlled and most of our equipment is new or nearly new. We have many good customers and far more opportunities than we can handle with our present number of employees. We receive many positive responses from our customers for our quality and our ability to get things done, no matter how difficult.

We are talking about an employment package that transforms your career and lifestyle. Imagine being able to make more money, bonus’s, and have more vacation time without detriment to your company. Vacation’s can be a very enjoyable time when they are planned for, with resources in place, so when you are away your profit cell continues to run flawlessly.

We are looking to build something special. A place where individuals can thrive, learn, and generate value other than just running parts. A place where, when we add more CNC’s, we don’t just add more employees. We look at creative ways for current, highly trained individuals to find creative ways to run multiple machines. We are building employees that manage areas and multiple machines, therefore increasing that areas value along with their value, making more money for the company and themselves. This is a truly win-win situation!

Large multinational corporations are growing tremendously. Large Caps are sowing huge profits and they have not hired any new employees except for those who can manage multiple tasks. The companies, large and small, have a unique opportunity to increase value and margins per employee. In turn, they reward the employees with higher pay and bonus’s. In short, you are no longer an hourly employee but a significant part of the business. You have your own little profit center where you manage part times, tooling, and individuals that run multiple machines. The more creative you manage, money you save, and output you maintain and increase, the more you can be rewarded.

Again, you are no longer just a set-up person, or a parts runner or operator. You manage people and equipment, whereby getting more output per individual increasing profits and bonus’s. You would also be training the next generation of cell managers, insuring the model to continue, insuring the profits and bonus’s continue, and also making it possible for you to take and enjoy more vacation time.

There is an opportunity for you

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