CNC Milling

What is the Milling Process?

In its essence, the milling process is removing material from a dedicated workpiece through rotary cutting. The cutter in a mill often has multiple cutting points, and generally moves perpendicularly on an axis, cutting with the tool’s circumference into the workpiece.

The milling process can produce shaping as well as details in a piece: shapes, slots, holes, notches, grooves, pockets, and specialty faces are all results of custom millwork.

Milling itself is a machining process similar to both drilling and cutting, and able to achieve many of the operations performed by cutting and drilling machines. Like drilling, milling uses a rotating cylindrical cutting tool. However, the cutter in a milling machine is able to move along multiple axes, and can create a variety of shapes, slots and holes. In addition, the work-piece is often moved across the milling tool in different directions, unlike the single axis motion of a drill.

Computer numeric controlled machining centers are used to produce a wide range of components, and tooling costs involved have continued to become more affordable. CNC milling centers are ideal solutions to everything ranging from prototyping and short-run production of complex parts to the fabrication of unique precision components.

Virtually every type of material that can be drilled or cut can be machined by a CNC mill, although most of the work performed is done in metal. As with drilling and cutting, the proper machine tools must be selected for each material in order to avert potential problems. The hardness of the work-piece material, as well as the rotation of the cutting tool must all be factored before beginning the machining process.

Junying CNC machining provides the following services

  • Precision Milling、
  • Thread Milling Services
  • Metal Milling
  • Plastics Milling

There are six CNC machines at the Junying CNC center

Number of CNC milling machining centers 6
Number of axes 3-axis or 5-axis
Product dimension 3-axis milling machines up to 500 x 500
Product dimension 5-axis milling machines up to Ø 300

Junying exceptionally trained and experienced employees fabricate components in accordance with drawings on modern CNC milling machines with both small and large dimensions with the greatest precision and processing quality.