November 28, 2018

The Surface Treatment for Aluminium Components

The cloth Aluminium is used more and more in CNC machining.The surface-finishes for machined aluminium components is constantly doing oxidizing treatment.There are always two types of oxidizing remedy for aluminium components:anodizing and conductive oxidizing(chemical conversion coating)in keeping with our manufacturing enjoy,Junying Precision sort out a few difference between anodizing and conductive oxidizing.

1. Anodizing is performed using high voltage,it’s a electrochemistry reaction.but conductive oxidizing do not need get through energy however simplest want to soak into the chemical liquid.It’s a natural chemistry reaction.

2. Anodizing want tons longer time than conductive oxidizing.Anodizing need several mins but conductive oxidizing need only several seconds.

3. The film for anodizing is usually several to dozens of um,and it’s difficult and abrasion resistant.however the movie for conductive oxidizing is most effective zero.01-zero.15um.The abrasion resistant isn’t always excellent.but it is able to each electric powered conduct and also almosphere corrosion resistance.

4. The oxidation film isn’t always electric powered conductive,but the movie for conductive oxidizing is definitely too thin,so it’s electric conductive.

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